Couple of new bands I found…

I’m sure by my music posts you can tell that most of the new bands I like are classic retro blues based rock and roll which is coming back with a vengeance. Here are a couple more…

Dirty Honey

Black Coffee

I highly recommend these guys if you want some of that ’70s/’80s sound in your music.

Hard at work…

I’ve been helping my mother instead of working and have really amped up the jewelry making!  I have enough time on my hands to concentrate on new creations and techniques. Check out my shop at this link… Beads And Maille

My Shop

I just updated my shop! Lots of beaded and chainmaille jewelry and more to come.

FREE! Through May 16th!

Check out my second book for free!


I’ve mentioned my love for Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown before and they released a new single today! Give it a listen!