I’ve devoted myself since the holidays to making my shop a daily effort. I used to only work it during the holidays but, I feel as though I want to make this a major part of my effort. I’ve been enjoying being able to make jewelry and share my creations on a regular basis. when […]

Happy Day!

I was so happy today to see that I hit 500 fans on my Facebook page!  I gave up the ladders that get me fake fans and I’m not in a position to pay FB ridiculous prices to promote me.  I just stayed patient and it finally hit! In celebration, I’m having a week long […]

Listening to Your Etsy Stats

I think that I am finally getting this whole online promotion thing down! I watch the results of everything I do and have found that posting to certain sites seems to bring in more traffic than others. Who would have thought that Twitter would bring more views than Facebook?  I’m just learning Twitter and didn’t […]