Diffuser Jewelry and Essential Oils

They go together. I’ve just started delving into this now popular way of treating all kinds of ailments. I started with 6 scents that have effects on mood since that is my main fascination with it all. I know that scents effect my mood so I believe in this…not just jumping on the bandwagon. I actually use the oils!

Here are some pics of the jewelry I have made for my ETSY Shop… Beads And Maille


The Latest Bands I’m obsessed with…i.e. inspiration and motivation.

Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown https://youtu.be/menivpp5zzM

The Dust Coda https://youtu.be/IEEgLVj2WVc

Greta Van Fleet https://youtu.be/aJg4OJxp-co