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Beads and Maille on Etsy

Beads and Maille on Etsy



Both are important issues to me. I’ve known far too many women who’ve had Breast Cancer or a scary family history and I worked for a Breast Cancer Specialist for almost a year. It’s heartbreaking and we need to squash it. 

Domestic Violence was a personal battle for me…twice. I’m out of it now but, for many years, I was a victim. We need more resources for women and men who are abused. We also need resources for the abusers. I will likely be involved with DV activism in some way until the day I die. 

25% of the proceeds from these bracelets will go to a charity I have picked or to one that you choose. Please consider buying a nice Chainmaille bracelet and supporting the cause. 

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Trying New Things

Okay…I talked about trying new things a couple of posts ago and I have just listed my first attempts at Chainmaille in my Etsy shop!  It really is a simple attempt but I love the outcome and hope to continue on with some more complicated patterns.  I choose to start slow because I don’t want to jump in and just get frustrated…I’ve learned that the hard way!

I hope everyone likes what I have done so far…

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