The Influence of Music 

Music has a connection to everything I do. I grew up in a very creatively motivated home. My parents painted, sang, and played instruments. There was usually music on somewhere in the house. I recall playing The Talking Heads on my stereo while my older brother below me played Nat King Cole and my younger […]

Halloween! 🎃👻💀

What’s in the shop for Halloween? Click in the picture to see these and some other not so scary but handmade, good quality jewelry for year round! I love HALLOWEEN! And I like it scary! Unfortunately, where I live now, we get no ghosts, goblins or ghouls at our door but, I decorate and do […]


October is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS and DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS Month.  Both are important issues to me. I’ve known far too many women who’ve had Breast Cancer or a scary family history and I worked for a Breast Cancer Specialist for almost a year. It’s heartbreaking and we need to squash it.  Domestic Violence was a […]

Listening to Your Etsy Stats

I think that I am finally getting this whole online promotion thing down! I watch the results of everything I do and have found that posting to certain sites seems to bring in more traffic than others. Who would have thought that Twitter would bring more views than Facebook?  I’m just learning Twitter and didn’t […]

Trying New Things

Okay…I talked about trying new things a couple of posts ago and I have just listed my first attempts at Chainmaille in my Etsy shop!  It really is a simple attempt but I love the outcome and hope to continue on with some more complicated patterns.  I choose to start slow because I don’t want […]