What Have I Done at a Concert? Stories…

Some of these are pretty obvious an easy to imagine…others not so much!

I’ll start with ‘went backstage’…I am a fangirl not a groupie first of all! My first backstage experience was J. Geils Band in 1982. A friend knew a local musician who was in the band and got us back. It was nice meeting the band and there was free booze but my favorite memory was standing behind the stage and looking out over the crowd! What an awesome feeling it was to see 20,000 people in an arena from that viewpoint. Another one that was a BIG thrill for me was going backstage at the 9:30 Club in D.C. and sitting and talking with Paul Simonon from the Clash! He was so nice and easy to talk to even though I was 19 years old and star struck. Thanks to a good friend for making that happen! I’ve met others but mostly outside the venue before or after the show.

‘Paid over $100 for ticket’…I paid $200 to see Paul McCartney and it was worth every penny!

‘Been in a mosh pit’…I was in the middle of the D.C. Hardcore/Punk scene from 1981 to about 1985 and saw many mosh pits. I usually didn’t purposely get into the middle but it was hard not to when you were seeing Minor Threat, or Scream or Government Issue or Black Market Baby among others.

‘Seen a band that no longer exists’…I’ve seen a few but most notably and most memorable was the Clash. I saw them in 1982 at a pier in NYC. One of the best shows I’ve seen to this day!

‘Got kicked out’…I got kicked out of a U2 concert at the University of Maryland in 1982. Bono invited people on stage to dance so I went running but for some reason security stopped me. Well, stupidly, I fought back and the guard carried me out the back door! The muscular, tall and probably 250 lb guard almost pressed charges against all 5’7” and 125 lbs of me! Missed the encores but it was a good show anyway.

‘Been to a stadium show’…I saw George Thorogood and the Destroyers, Journey, and The Rolling Stones at JFK Stadium in 1981. The big surprise at that show were the opening bands! I didn’t know until I got there! What a lineup that was! And, when I saw Paul McCartney, I saw him at Nationals Stadium a few years ago in D.C. I haven’t been to many stadium shows because I prefer smaller venues but I’ll make the sacrifice every so often.

‘Been to a show during bad weather’…a couple of times but the biggest one was Elton John at Nissan Pavilion (Jiffy Lube Live now). A major thunderstorm went through during the show and even though we were inside the sold out pavilion, we were just over to the side enough for the wind to blow the rain in and soak us! It was a great show though and it actually cooled us off on a very hot evening. Then there was the Lou Reed show at Merriweather Post Pavilion where I slid through the mud on the way back to my seat! Right on my ass!

I guess I could go through all 18 of them but some of the stories are pretty boring. These are my favorites.


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Beads and Maille on Etsy

Beads and Maille on Etsy

Latest Band Obsession…

196F3B37-8626-47D9-AC46-FECFD209CE9Cthe Struts

I don’t think I’ve seen a better live band in years! Really worth the effort especially if you like original rock and roll that has very obvious, but not overwhelming,  glam/Queen/Bowie/Stones influences. They are definitely influenced but very much their own thing and should be listened to. Strong melodies and lyrics, awesome live performances and very talented musicians.

And this from the show I saw in Baltimore, MD on 11/18/18…

Rock and Roll Fantasy


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Siobhan O’Neil is a middle-aged, Rock and Roll obsessed mother of two adult sons who decided it was time to follow a dream. I’ve always written and have a very active imagination which is definitely highlighted within these pages. I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed writing this rock and roll gem.

Welcome to my first book full of rock and roll, romance, and some mischief that is semi- biographical but full of fantasy.

Aislinn had endured two bad marriages and was determined to get a few dreams fulfilled before she didn’t have the option anymore. She was ready to rebuild her identity and confidence that had been stripped from her over the course of twenty-five years. Little did she know that one of her dreams would lead her back to something she thought she’d never do again.

Cillian had spent the last thirty-plus years touring with his band. He had never married and had just ended a fifteen year relationship that he realized had been full of lies, greed and cheating. He figured he had plenty of opportunity to find female company if he really wanted it but he really wasn’t interested.

Could two people who had endured so much find love again?

The Influence of Music 

Music has a connection to everything I do. I grew up in a very creatively motivated home. My parents painted, sang, and played instruments. There was usually music on somewhere in the house. I recall playing The Talking Heads on my stereo while my older brother below me played Nat King Cole and my younger brother next to him played Rush. My mother would have opera or classical playing on her stereo in the living room…only if there wasn’t a string quartet in our large living room or one of us kids practicing piano, flute, drums or guitar. None of us children became virtuosos but, we all became very dependent on music. All of us had music on more than the TV back in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s…long before video games and cellphones. 

I feel lost without music in the background. Some of my best ideas come when I’m concentrating on the music or after I see a live show. The key for me is live shows. I’m energized and in a great mood for days after a concert. I like to go to concerts the way some people go to movies. It’s an escape for me. 

So, it makes perfect sense that my Beads and Maille creations are increasingly becoming influenced by music. 

That will be my new mission. Vegan leather, guitar pick and musical note pendants and charms, more red and black, more black with brighter colors and more stainless steel. 

Tom Petty 

There was a reason that I wore that bandana that way!

This week, my heart was broken. No words really. He’s meant so much to me and my world of music, my sanity. Rest in eternal peace T.P.  Thank you and thank god for your enduring legacy…